Featured work includes artist's books, framed paper art, and three dimensional paper sculpture. My artist's books are expressions of the possibilities of fiber in paper. The question, "What is an artist's book?" has been frequently discussed. The book as a container and vessel for meaning offers an interactive dialogue for the viewer who can become intimate with the art by handling it. An artist's book is a vessel or container for ideas that may combine many processes and art media. It is often a relationship with the nature of pulp itself that inspires me with the form and structure of a book.

All framed pieces are created in the wet fiber stage using techniques of pulp painting and lamination. Each piece is unique as to fiber content. Wet fiber itself can be pigmented, molded, restrained, then dried and altered again.

Sculptural possibilities are endless and often dependent on the type and preparation of fiber. Overbeaten flax and abaca (banana leaf) fibers have a high shrinkage rate and translucency which are ideal for certain sculptural forms.